Michael J Rosati Sr

Michael J. Rosati Sr. was a Team Member for one of the most elite Law Enforcement Units in the United States; NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit (ESU) which is a Level 1 SWAT Team. His ESU training included tactical shooting, defensive tactics, rappelling & fast rope insertion, hostage rescue, dignitary protection, counter terrorism, and suicide bomber interception. Additionally, as an ESU Team Member, he had to become a certified EMT, scuba diver, haz mat technician, high angle rescuer, building collapse responder, transit search & rescuer, and animal control specialist. As an ESU Team Member, Michael J. Rosati Sr. has been called to support other Police Departments and ESU teams in New York State as well as Federal Law Enforcement Agencies including the Secret Service, F.B.I., D.S.S., I.C.E., and I.R.S. He executed numerous dynamic entries for high risk warrants and hostage rescues during his time as an ESU team member.

During his time as an ESU Team Member, Michael J. Rosati Sr. was chosen and selected to attend a three day training where the U.S. Secret Service certified NYPD’s ESU as one of the only SWAT Teams in the United States to be in close proximity, with a fully automatic weapon, to the President of the United States. He was chosen based not only on his experience as an ESU Team Member, but also based on his Marine Corps background and Martial Arts training. After completing this training, all of the ESU Teams that were assigned to dignitary protection were, at the specific request of the Secret Service, mandated to follow directly behind the Secret Services Counter Terrorism Team. This meant that if The President, Vice President, or any other high level dignitary came under attack, the Secret Service Counter Terrorism Team would move the principal to a secure location, and ESU’s primary function was to engage and neutralize the threat.   

Michael J. Rosati Sr. started his Martial Arts Training in 1970 as a United States Marine where he began learning urban tactics and dynamic entries. His Military Occupational Specialty included infantry, demolitions, flamethrowers, 3.5 rocket launcher and anti-armor defense, and tactics for a Marine Rifle Company.  In 1972, while stationed with a Marine Corps Infantry Unit on Okinawa, he began a lifelong pursuit of formalized empty hand Martial Arts. Michael J. Rosati Sr. has continued to train in Okinawan Shorin Ryu (Matsubayashi) where he passed his 8th Degree Black Belt. Additionally, he is cross-trained in Muay Thai, Aikido, Japanese Ju Jutsu, Russian Sambo, Escrima & Kali, Okinawan Kobudo, and Vital Points Striking.  

In 2012 Michael J. Rosati Sr. was fortunate to be certified in CT 707 Israeli Krav Maga under Nir Maman who is, in our opinion, the best Krav Maga Instructor in North America. Michael J. Rosati Sr. has trained with and taught both Military and Law Enforcement Personnel in the United States and in Israel.  

Because the levels of force used in the United States are different from those being used in Israel, compliance, and less than lethal levels of force should be utilized whenever possible in the United States.  Michael J. Rosati Sr. has since developed his own System of Krav Maga called Krav Maga Coalition Self Defense. 

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