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Sensei Raul Perez

Sensei Raul began his training under Hanshi Geraldi’s senior instructors Sensei Kim & Glenn Warmuth at Dowling College in 1997. Eventually being nominated the first president of the Dowling Kara-te Club, he was instrumental in obtaining funds from the Student Government Association to obtain necessary gear, host seminars from Hanshi Geraldi on campus, and host several campus safety programs in association with Suffolk County Police COPE unit.


After receiving his Shodan in 2001 and graduating from Dowling College, Sensei Raul was introduced to Hanshi Geraldi’s most senior instructors (Kyoshi Kenneth LaPeters & Kyoshi Anthony Carnemolla) and assisted in teaching classes at their dojo. He quickly to be one of their senior students.


In an effort to fully understand Okinawan Kara-te and his continued thirst for knowledge he has trained and exchanged ideas with several instructors, styles and concepts within the martial arts community including – No Gi Grappling, Modern Arnis, Shoalin Kenpo, Capoeira, I Liq Chuan Tai Chi, Shotokan, Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido, Penjak Silat, scenario self defense training using the Shredder concept by Richard Dimitri of Senshido.


Sensei Raul’s attention to detail, skill, teaching style and adherence to the classical ways has awarded him a well respected reputation within the Ryukyu Kempo community for the past 20 years. As such, he has been honored to be recognized as one of Hanshi Geraldi’s senior instructors and had the honor of demonstrating Bogu Kumite (full contact fighting) to the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance organization in Missouri.


In addition to training unarmed combat, Sensei Raul competes in pistol competitions (IDPA & USPSA) as well as takes part in full day firearms training sessions each year.


Additional info based on review of the krav website:



BBA in Accounting – Dowling College 2001

Certified Public Accountant – New York State

Certified in the 12 empty handed kata of Ryukyu Kempo under Hanshi Geraldi’s hand and seal



CPA focusing on audits and attestations of governments and not-for-profits

Instructor – Ryukyu Kempo Karate Renmei

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