June 26, 2013.
RE: Michael J. Rosati – CT 707 Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga Instructor.

To Whom It May Concern:
"I am proud to include Michael Rosati Sr. into the CT 707 Israeli Krav Systems family.
I fully endorse Michael J. Rosati Sr. to teach the curriculum of Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga (CT 707). He has over 40 years of Martial Arts Training as well as Tactical Training and Real World Experience in the United States Marine Corps and NYPD / ESU (SWAT).
Additionally, Michael has trained in Okinawan Karate Jutsu, Muay Thai, Aikido, Japanese Ju Jitsu, Grappling, Kyusho Jitsu and Kali.
Michael is a well respected Self Defense / Martial Arts Instructor and I recommend him to anyone seeking effective real life survival training."

Nir Maman
Founder/Chief Instructor
CT 707 Israeli Krav Maga Systems


“I began training with Michael J. Rosati Sr. in 1985 and continue to train with him and the staff at RSMA / KMC today. Most of the techniques that we use in the Rosati System of Modern Martial Arts Defensive Tactics Program can be utilized in Military or Law Enforcement. The straight forward, dynamic training methods and techniques seamlessly carry into practical use and I often incorporate them into training with my peers at work. The results have always been outstanding and training here has become a part of my life.”

Jim Schutta
Lt. Colonel, USMC(R)
Detective, NYPD


“Michael J. Rosati Sr. is a seasoned Martial Artist with over 4 decades of experience. He is a professional instructor with the focus needed to impart knowledge on his students and he cares about their success.”

Steve Hayden.
Detective, NYPD / ESU (Ret.)


“I worked Midnights with Mike Rosati in NYPD in East New York (75 Precinct). During that time I witnessed him safely gain compliance with emotionally disturbed individuals and perps resisting arrest as well as disarming many knife wielding perps.”

Chris Rykert
NYPD / PBA Trustee Brooklyn North


“I have been a student at RSMMA/KMC for over a year. I consider myself fortunate to train there. Michael Rosati Sr. is a dedicated instructor. His vast Martial Arts knowledge coupled with his Law Enforcement and Military background provide an exceptional learning environment for Reality Based Self Defense. The instruction I have received from Michael Rosati Sr. and the other senior instructors is excellent. Their blend of knowledge and experience can only benefit those of us in the Law Enforcement community.”

Tom Weisely
Detective, SCPD


"I had the pleasure of working with "Smiling" Mike when he was assigned to the Emergency Services Unit. Mike is a total professional and a expert in his field that can always be counted on to give 110% to get the job done."

Louis DeRespiris Jr.
NYPD / Firearms & Tactics


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