Smithtown Krav Maga is Long Island's premier Krav Maga, Ryukyu Kempo Karate, and fitness school in the Northeast. We specialize in a wide variety of classes for adults, children, and special needs students covering: self defense, discipline, cardiovascular training, physical conditioning, and spiritual attainment.

In an effort to provide a stronger foundation for basic empty-handed fighting techniques within the Krav Maga system, the owners of Smithtown Krav Maga are pleased to offer an authentic Okinawan Karate program for all ages. The selection of this particular martial arts system was chosen due to its roots in combat effective techniques passed down from known Okinawan masters of nobility.

Our specialized Krav Maga courses are taught by certified instructors through the Regional Training Center for Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga. Unlike most other martial arts instructors, our self defense system has been field tested under chief instructor Hanshi Michael J. Rosati Sr., both through the United States Marine Corps and the NYPD Emergency Services Unit.

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