Dojo Kun # 1 – Strive for a good moral character


In every day conduct in society one should strive to become the pillar of their community:

  • Exude kindness and generosity to those you interact with.
  • Provide respect to friends, family members and those in position of authority.
  • Command strength in your actions to protect those around you.
  • In times of hardships, extend your empathy to comfort those in need.


However, do not project your morals on to others. A significant misstep is to try and see quality traits in those that do not wish to have them. This will cause you to hesitate or, at worst, not react at all when faced with an enemy bent on unleashing severe bodily injury upon you or those around you. Train fearlessly for the battle. Your training will provide you the insight to identify the enemy and the tools to nullify them.

-Sensei Raul Perez, Nidan, Ryukyu Kempo

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