Dojo Kun # 3 – Cultivate a spirit of perseverance or a will for striving


Enduring during hardships is a trait that needs to be constantly trained. One must maintain your eyes on the end goal no matter the obstacles placed before you. Your mindset must be trained to maintain focus during the fluidity of life and during the chaos of battle. Physically, you must train to become familiar with being uncomfortable so that the distractions of the body do not disrupt the mind’s focus.


Perseverance does not mean blindly trudging through life at the expense of your health to meet your goals. Patience is a key component to perseverance. Observe yourself and your surroundings as you go along, realizing when to slow down or even retreat. Retreating does not mean defeat if you regroup, patiently study your failures in training, and begin again with knowledge and ferocity. The battle does not always have to be won today, it can be won at a later date.


Raul Perez, Nidan

Zenkoku Ryukyu Kempo Karate-Do Renmei

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