Dojo Kun #4 – Develop a respectful attitude


Providing respect to others is important in your daily conduct within society. It helps facilitate alliances with others and opens doors of opportunities that normally would be closed with aggressive or adverse behavior.


During training it is important to show respect to the instructors and assistants in order to facilitate a free flowing exchange of ideas, techniques, and drills. It is also important to show respect towards your fellow students. Showing restraint is a form of respect that is assumed during certain contact drills and activities. This will limit injuries with one another and strengthen the comradery amongst each other.


Respect should also be given towards your opponent in life. This will keep you guarded and your defenses strong. If one does not respect the strength your enemy shows or the strength your enemy may be hiding you will expose your own weaknesses unnecessarily which can be used against you.


Raul Perez, Nidan

Zenkoku Ryukyu Kempo Karate-Do Renmei

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