Monday: 360 blocking drills, slipping, bob & weaving
Tuesday: Eskrima stick combinations
Wednesday: Ground striking (bring sparring gear)
Thursday: Bear hug defense
Friday: Blocking, checking, and parries (bring sparring gear)
Saturday: Guard escape, mount escape



MondayBeginners: Spin drills, break falls, shrimping, side kicks, and superman punch, Advanced: Knife slash self defense, knife stab self defense

TuesdayBeginners: Bursting, 360 self defense, slipping, and bobbing & weaving, Advanced: Bear hug self defense, mount escape, guard escape
WednesdayBeginners: Head butt striking, Ridge hand strikes, back kick, spinning back kick, and wheel kick, Advanced: Pistol self defense and retention, rifle self defense and retention
ThursdayAdvanced: Half nelson self defense, full nelson self defense, rear naked choke defense, Krav Jitsu: Guard escape, mount escape, armbar, triangle choke, ground striking
Friday: Mixed Ranks: Blocking, checking, and parries
Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Bursting, palm strike combinations, elbow strike combinations, guillotine self defense
Sunday: Mixed Ranks: Break falls, front kicks, round house kicks, wrist grab self defense

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