Monday: Jab & cross fundamentals and mechanics, wrist grab defense

Tuesday: Hook & uppercut fundamentals and mechanics, shirt grab defense

Wednesday: Eskrima stick 12 point striking patterns

Thursday: Ground striking fundamentals

Friday: Sweeps & throws

Saturday: Ground fighting positions & submissions


Monday: Beginners: Eskrima knife fighting 12 point striking patterns, Advanced: Knife fighting flow drills, blocking & countering tactics

Tuesday: Beginners: Jab, cross, hook, & uppercut fundamentals & mechanics,  Advanced: Clinch, reference point #1, reference point #2, two on one control

Wednesday: Beginners: Eskrima stick 12 point striking patterns,  Advanced: Eskrima stick 12 point blocking and countering tactics

Thursday: Advanced: Head movement drills, self defense from the seated position, Krav Jitsu: Side control, back control

Friday: Mixed Ranks: Sweeps & throws

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: 360 defense, parry defense, break falls, side headlock defense

Sunday: Mixed Ranks: Elbow strike fundamentals & mechanics, knee strikes from the clinch, bat self defense tactics

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