Monday: Movement drills & fighting games

Tuesday: Ground fighting techniques

Wednesday: Stick training

Thursday: Falling drills & sparring

Friday: Sensei Raul surprise

Saturday: Ground fighting techniques


Monday: Beginners: Bursting drills, 360 drills, bag & pad work Advanced: Knife flow drills & Knife sparring

Tuesday: Beginners: 360 drills & counter striking, footwork drills Advanced: Knife attack self defense

Wednesday: Beginners: Breakfall technique & drills, kicking off the ground  Advanced: Knife attack disarms

Thursday: Advanced: Bag & pad work, sparring Krav Jitsu: Side control, back control

Friday: Mixed Ranks: Mastering the side kick with Sensei Raul

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Bursting drills, 360 drills, machete attack self defense

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