The definition of Commitment is: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause.


We Commit to different things everyday in our lives. We Commit to waking up to go to work, feed our families, stay healthy, work hard, etc. The easy Commitments are the ones that, if we don’t do them, people will suffer. If you don’t Commit to taking the trash out on trash day, then your trash builds up and people get sick. If you don’t Commit to bathing regularly then your chances of catching preventable diseases greatly increases.


It is the lifestyle Commitments I think our society is having trouble with and it’s because we have gotten lazy. Every year people create a New Year resolution that they are going to “stick” to in order to improve a part or parts of their lives. We have all heard the saying, “New year, new you.” How many people that you know break those resolutions in the first day, week, or month? In my experience most people don’t make it past the first month. The reasons are always the same, those reasons are excuses and excuses are lies. The real reason is a lack of Commitment, dedication, and discipline.


Why do I bring this up? Because these excuses carry over to martial arts training as well. The excuses we hear the most are, “I’m too tired” or “I’m too sore” or “It’s too cold outside.” Excuses, excuses and lies. You are lying to yourself. You may be tired, you should train anyway and stay Committed. You may be sore, you should train anyway and stay Committed. It may be cold outside, guess what, get off your ass and start training and it will be warmer. Your Commitment isn’t just to you, it’s also to the people you are training to protect.


You never get good at anything you don’t stay Committed to. You can’t do it once and expect to be good. You can’t do it 50 times and expect to be good. You can’t even do it 100 times and expect to be good. To be really good at something you must stay Committed to it. You must make it a priority. It has become a part of who you are, not something that you do. This goes with everything in life not just martial arts. You must stay Committed to yourself in order to master yourself.



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