Monday: Stick fighting & stick sparring

Tuesday: Blocking review & sparring

Wednesday: Side headlock defense

Thursday: Wrist grab defense

Friday: Sensei Raul surprise

Saturday: Ground fighting techniques


Monday: Beginners: Breakfalls & fighting off the ground Advanced: Bat defense against swinging attacks & disarms

Tuesday: Beginners: Head movement, striking drills Advanced: Bat defense against poking attacks & disarms

Wednesday: Beginners: 360 drills, kicking drills Advanced: Stick training for bat defense

Thursday: Advanced: Footwork drills, Bat defense review Krav Jitsu: Side control, back control

Friday: Mixed Ranks: Sidekick combinations

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Close range striking combinations- elbows, knees, and headbutts, self defense against rear choke with a bat

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