Monday: Breakfalls & sparring

Tuesday: Shirt grab defense

Wednesday: Wrist grab defense

Thursday: Bag work & sparring

Friday: Sensei Raul surprise

Saturday: Fighting techniques


Monday: Beginners: Pad work with elbows, knees, palm strikes & basic knife defense hostage situation Advanced: Knife defense hostage situation single & multiple attackers

Tuesday: Beginners: 360 drills, heavy bag work & basic side headlock defense Advanced: Side headlock defense single & multiple attackers

Wednesday: Beginners: Partner kicking drills & basic hand choke defense Advanced: Hand choke defense single & multiple attackers

Thursday: Advanced: Breakfall review, take down defense & defense against guillotine choke single & multiple attackers Krav Jitsu: Position transitions & flow drills

Friday: Martial Concepts: Joint locks & flow drills

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Bursting drills & Self defense against rear choke with a bat single & multiple attackers

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