Monday: Control from clinch position

Tuesday: Wrist grab self defense

Wednesday: Breakfalls

Thursday: Side headlock self defense

Friday: Sensei Raul surprise

Saturday: Fighting techniques


Monday: Beginners: Striking drills to acquire clinch & striking from clinch position Advanced: Defense against guillotine & triangle choke

Tuesday: Beginners: Sticky hand drills, bursting, & pistol disarm from front Advanced: Pistol disarm from guard position

Wednesday: Beginners: Heavy bag workout & pistol disarm from rear Advanced: Pistol disarm from rear with bystander on one side & two attacker situations

Thursday: Mixed Ranks: 360 drills, breakfalls, & pistol disarm from sides Krav Jitsu: Position transitions & flow drills

Friday: Martial Concepts: Distracting blows, drills, & vital points

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Pistol disarm from hostage situation & execution position

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