Monday: Bursting & crashing

Tuesday: Eskrima stick fighting

Wednesday: Striking drills & bear hug defense

Thursday: Rear choke self-defense

Friday: Sensei Raul surprise

Saturday: Fighting techniques


Monday: Beginners: Self Defense philosophy, vital point striking Advanced: 8 weapon flow drill & wrist grab defense

Tuesday: Beginners: Sticky hand drills & moving into control positions Advanced: 8 weapon flow drill & choke self defense

Wednesday: Beginners: 12 stick eskrima striking & stick drills  Advanced: Stick drills, stick sparring, & stick self defense

Thursday: Mixed Ranks: Bursting & crashing drills Krav Jitsu: Mount submissions, control, and escapes

Friday: Martial Concepts: Head movement

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Breakfall drills, clinch striking and control, & bear hug defense

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