The word of the week is hesitation. The definition of hesitation: the action of pausing or hesitating before saying or doing something. Hesitating in battle can be deadly, hesitating in life can be detrimental.

If we hesitate in battle we will find ourselves on the receiving end of a devastating blow. When we have to think about how to react to an attack we’ve already lost. In battle we must trust our training. The ability to react without thinking is why we must train regularly. Self defense training fine tunes our gross motor skills so defending ourselves becomes second nature. Hesitation is the lack of preparation and the only ones responsible is US.

Hesitation in life is also known as procrastination and we are all guilty of it. We are all guilty of saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” What if there is no tomorrow? Are we happy with what we did today? When we hesitate we are setting ourselves up for failure. Hesitation is only fulfilling immediate gratification, think about the long term. Things need to get done, not tomorrow, today. What are we waiting for, the perfect moment? If that’s what we’re waiting for we are going to wait for a long time. Create the perfect moment and get things done. Never give up and stay on the path to righteousness!!


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