Monday: Eskrima stick training

Tuesday: Wrist grab self defense

Wednesday: Bat self defense

Thursday: Ground fighting and escapes

Friday: Sensei Raul surprise

Saturday: Fighting techniques


Monday: Beginners: Breakfalls, clinch, & basic wrist grab defense Advanced: Wrist grab defense (multiple attacker)

Tuesday: Beginners: Heavy bag combinations & 360 drills Advanced: Rear naked & guillotine choke defense

Wednesday: Beginners: Muay Thai pad clinch combinations & parry drills Advanced: Hand choke defense

Thursday: Mixed Ranks: Guard escape & chokes from guard position defense Krav Jitsu: Grappling with knife

Friday: Martial Concepts: Sprawl & brawl

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Bursting, Reference point 1 & 2 review, & stress drills

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