Monday: Guillotine choke self defense & sparring

Tuesday: Side headlock self defense & stress drill

Wednesday: Wrist grab self defense & stress drill

Thursday: Bear hug self defense & sparring

Friday: Joint manipulation & sparring

Saturday: Martial concepts


Monday: Beginners: Roundhouse kick fundamentals & kick checking drills, beginner pistol disarm from rear attack Advanced: Kick check body hardening & pistol disarm from rear attack from all positions

Tuesday: Beginners: Palm strike fundamentals & parry drills,  beginner pistol disarm from front attack Weapons Class: Kali & Dumog

Wednesday: Beginners: Striking from the clinch & fundamentals, beginner pistol disarm from front attack Advanced: Upper body hardening drills & pistol disarm from front attack from all positions

Thursday: Mixed Ranks: Striking from the ground & pistol disarm from side attacks Krav Jitsu: Ground attack survival

Friday: Afternoon Mixed Ranks: Heavy bag combinations & pistol disarm review Martial Concepts: Joint manipulation

Saturday: Mixed Ranks: Pistol disarm review from all positions

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