Monday:  Closed for Labor Day

Tuesday: Guillotine choke from guard position

Wednesday: 12 point knife pattern & Sparring

Thursday: Defense against hand chokes & Sparring

Friday: Martial Concepts

Saturday:  Combatives & Games


Monday: Krav 7-8pm: Closed for Labor Day Krav 8-9pm: Closed for Labor Day

Tuesday: Krav: Knife slash defense  Weapons Class: Kali & Dumog

Wednesday: Krav 7-8pm: Combatives/Cardio Kickboxing Krav 8-9pm: Knife stab defense

Thursday: Krav: Knife defenses from the seated position Krav Jitsu: Ground attack survival

Friday: Afternoon Krav: Striking drills & Hand choke defense Martial Concepts: Throws with setups (BRING: HEAD GEAR, MMA GLOVES, SHIN GUARDS)

Saturday: Machete defense

Sunday:  Kempo: Fundamentals & Footwork Weapons Class: Kali & Dumog

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