Empty Hand

During these sessions we will breakdown body mechanics and basic physiology to ensure economy of motion, proficiency in executing technique with maximum effect. Assess situational awareness, and the most realistic and practical application when confronted with a threat of violence or the surprise attack. Furthermore study and identify human weakness, physical and mental. We will expose those weaknesses in all application of technique. If you do not strike you cannot effectively defend, so there is no bull shit here with no touch wizardry, special pressure point knockouts, or fancy non sense. Straight forward effective techniques that in most cases refer to specific kata movements. We will not be teaching kata in this session, but may refer to it so you can see the relationship.


Weapon training can be traditional or modern. In this series we will blend the two. What was old is can be as good as new with a little cleaning and polish! Leveraging the concepts and purpose for each weapon in design and usage, various situational specific scenarios, coupled with the correct positions and body movements will maximize the use and understanding of the weapon. These weapon techniques are transferable to all extensions of the empty hand. In many cases the techniques are the same with slight adjustment to footwork, timing and distance. These sessions focus on quality, in-depth understanding of weapon use, not accumulation of weapons katas. Learning a kata does not qualify as "knowing a weapon". So stop fooling yourself.


Taking a weapon from an assailant looks easy in the movies. In the majority of techniques taught in other styles or online may lead to or significantly increase the chance of death and injury to the defendant or bystanders due to improper instruction, detail on proper instruction, or those who do not practice good technique thousands of repetitions to be proficient. There is no margin for error when applying these life saving techniques, so get rid of the false confidence. After careful consultation and guidance with tactical experts, law enforcement personnel, military, and a deep observation of various scenarios and technique, we will breakdown several variations of firearm, bladed weapons, and various other weapon disarming techniques.

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