• Bryant N. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    The only thing that could make this place better if it was in my own town. Great instruction in a class environment. Feeling more confident in a ugly situation only comes through experience. You will learn to be ready for that training at smithtown krav. P.s. workouts will make your fat cry.

    Bryant N.
  • Billy S. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    My 6 year old son has gained much needed confidence and also he has discovered untapped athleticism and balance. The class teaches not just self defense but confidence and common sense. Excellent instructors from Jay to Chris and ownership is awesome.

    Billy S.
  • Elliot M. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    Fantastic facility. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and patient. Great for any age (kids to adults) and any skill level. They will get you in shape, increase your strength and stamina and give you confidence with practical and tactical self defense training, all while making if fun. After 1 hour you will be exhausted, but hooked.

    Elliot M.
  • Kent T. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    This is an amazing place to train. Very knowledgeable staff with battle tested experience, so you know the techniques work!! Whether you are there for a workout, basic self defense skills, or combat training, this place does it all. I recommend you try a class today, you won't regret. Stay vigilant and stay safe.

    Kent T.
  • Kimberly A. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    My daughters (8 and 10) have been taking the Saturday morning class at 10. I never thought they would like martial arts but tried it on a recommendation....Well I couldn't have been more wrong!!!!! My girls absolutely love training at Smithtown Krav Maga, they look forward to this class all week. The instructors are amazing and patient, they teach self defense along with self discipline and self confidence! I will be referring everyone I know�

    Kimberly A.
  • Gustavo L. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    Mike Rosati is one of the finest Martial Arts Instructors in NY! He teaches practical Martial Arts based on his extensive experience both in combat as a Marine, as well as a NYC SWAT Officer. Whether you're a Peace Officer or just a civilian looking to protect yourself, Smithtown Karate is the place to be. Not only will you be empowered with Reality Based Self Defense Techniques--You'll have FUN doing it!

    Gustavo L.
  • Michael R. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    Sensei Kent is doing an Awesome Job! And, thank you to Instructors, Jason, Joe, Kishan, and my son, Christopher for a job well done helping Sensei Kent keeping Smithtown Krav Maga the # 1 School in Suffolk County!

    Michael R.
  • Rob T. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    I can't say enough about the knowledge base at this facility. Everyone is friendly and inviting. Weather you are new or a seasoned veteran of martial arts, everything is explained with full detail.

    Rob T.
  • Alex R. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    Great organization and even better instructors, this place helped me so much physically because I lost 70 lbs going here. It helped me even more mentally because it built my character and made me a more disciplined man, I am forever grateful for having taken smithtown Krav Maga.

    Alex R.
  • Joe D. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    Hanshi Rosati is a VERY knowledgeable person and a great instructor! The clean environment and easy going nature of the staff here makes Rosati System of Modern Martial Arts - Smithtown Krav Maga a great place to learn REAL self defense strategies!

    I highly recommend this school and enjoyed the time I spent learning there during our Certification. Hanshi Rosati not only has the backing of a great Krav Maga system, but years of real life experience in law enforcement and the military making his instruction true to life and very valuable!

    Joe D.
  • Daniel J. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    I can't say enough good things about Rosati School of Martial Arts! I've been taking classes for a month and have already noticed a difference not only in my level of fitness but my self confidence as well. All the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and eager to teach. Even though I had no prior martial arts experience, everyone was so welcoming and created such a friendly environment. As a former collegiate athlete, I was missing the intensity of training that I could not seem to replicate in the gym; Rosati School of Martial Arts has been exactly what I've been looking for to replace that gap I was missing from athletics. I would recommend this school to anyone!

    Daniel J.
  • Jeremy H. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    I will say that ive been to many martial arts schools and very few are as professional and inviting as Rosati Krav Maga. The owner of the school Hanshi is a true master of his craft and you'll be lucky to come across an instructor that is half as knowledgeable as him anywhere else. The school itself is meant for people of all skill levels. Everyone from instructor to student is willing to help you along your journey and all ego is left at the door. I really cant say enough great things about this school. My advice to anyone interested is to go down and take a look for yourself, I promise you wont regret it.

    Jeremy H.
  • Nicolas F. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    The best thing I ever did for myself was to sign up at Rosati School of Martial Arts. The instructors are patient, inspiring, extremely knowledgeable, and have a good sense of humor. They could have easily seen me as a target, instead they see me as someone they can teach, and I always feel cared about and welcome there. No one laughs at anyone, this school only accepts good people who always help each other. If you've been wanting to try and learn self defense but were afraid to try for any reason, don't hesitate, this is the place for you. As I leave after each class, it feels so good to have learned from these AWESOME people. The world is a better place because of men like Hanshi Rosati and Sempai Chris.

    Nicolas F.
  • Brad S. , Smithtown Krav Maga  Testimonials

    Rosati MMA is a family atmosphere that where the instructors are supportive to everyone's needs. The instructors ensure that all the students use proper techniques and they explain the importance of the technique for real world application. If you are looking for self-defense and fitness, Rosati MMA is for you!

    Brad S.


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